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CR report

This report is the third Corporate Responsibility Report to be published by Haniel and has been drawn up 'in accordance' with the 'core' GRI G4. The period under review relates to the 2017 calendar year, with the cut-off date for collecting the data being 31 December 2017.

An external audit has not been conducted. The printed version of the first Haniel CR report, Valued Bonds, was published on 28 April 2014. Reporting in accordance with the GRI guidelines is carried out every two years. In addition, Haniel reports transparently on the progress it is making in its CR activities every year in its annual report. The Holding Company has the basic expectation that the divisions develop CR strategies tailored to their own business model and that divisions exceeding a certain progress report transparently on their results in sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI guidelines. 


If you have any questions about corporate responsibility at Haniel, please contact responsibility@haniel.de.

This report is ’In Accordance’ with the GRI G4 Guidelines - Core option. The report was submitted for the GRI Materiality Disclosure Service, and GRI confirmed the correctness of the locations of the G4 materiality disclosures (G4-17 – G4-27).

This section includes the following GRI indicators: