Living out values at Holding Company level:


for employees

Haniel considers challenges such as globalisation, demographic change and digitalisation as issues to be tackled jointly by the Company and its employees. The Holding Company devises solutions to changing labour market conditions which are in the mutual interest of and agreed on by the Company and its employees. Haniel thereby ensures that it meets the basic prerequisites for competitiveness, innovation and long-term success.

Employee Review

Haniel engages in an open, trusting dialogue with employees in the Holding Company. To obtain feedback on employee commitment and satisfaction, the Holding Company conducts a staff survey every two years, most recently in 2016. The overall results were communicated to all employees and results specific to the centralised departments were discussed with management and measures taken where appropriate. Employees also have an annual employee review with their manager where they discuss their personal strengths and set development goals, for instance to take part in seminars and training at the Haniel Academy.

Working Conditions

In addition to an attractive remuneration package, Haniel offers employees of the Holding Company a number of additional benefits to increase employee satisfaction, including childcare allowances and an employer-funded pension. To provide for a better work-life balance, Haniel staff can work flexible hours. In terms of healthcare services, a range of check-ups and sports courses are provided, some of which are free of charge. The Haniel Academy also offers training on health and stress management. To receive support in dealing with especially difficult changes in their personal or professional life, virtually all Haniel Group employees in Germany can make use of a family advice service.

Haniel Academy

Haniel employees are supported in developing their technical and personal skills and in reaching their full potential. The company’s own management centre, the Haniel Academy, offers a broad range of training courses. The Holding Company also has the responsibility of selecting and developing senior management for the divisions. Haniel therefore fosters professionalisation, continued professional development and networking among executives throughout the entire Group. The Haniel Academy plays a key role here with its tailored development programmes in the Haniel Leadership Curriculum, which enable rising talent, managers and executives to further develop their leadership potential. The Group-wide Academy programme tackles current challenges and key issues such as agility and flexibility of companies in a dynamic environment, for instance through training on digital skills.

Reporting date 31 December 2017 (headcount)

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